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Where's the Generation Y blog scene?

Here is the best article I was able to find about Generation Y. Also called the echo boom (consisting mainly of the kids of baby boomers) or the millenium generation, Generation Yers were born from 1980 to 1995 (or so, the dates are fuzzy and subject to debate). And it's a very large generation that is already very influential in terms of retailing and the economy despite its young age.

So, where's the Gen Y influence on the blog scene? Most of the big name bloggers are in their 30s, 40s, or maybe late 20s. So, why is that? Because younger people don't have blogs? Oh hell no. But it seems that a lot of the blogs written by younger people r mebbe no popular becuz they r wrote like this kekeke ya? Also, it seems many younger bloggers start writing but then get bored of it quickly, perhaps because they aren't used to routine? But this is true for most older blogs too, I'm sure, yet the good, consistent bloggers are still able to gain popularity and readers.

There's certainly the angsty emo blog scene. But I guess that doesn't have much appeal to readers (and why would it?). But given the demographics of the Internet, I think it's only a matter of time before Gen Y blogs start making it big.


  • On the Internet, no one knows how old you are. :P

    There are a lot of blogs written by GenY. Will Pate and Andy Smith are two great examples who I just happen to know personally, but there are lots more.

    They'll be at the NV conference, so you might even run into them.

    By Blogger Boris Mann, at 18:34  

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