because the world needs more lime green.


now, a couple things about vancouverites.

we don't whine about the rain until we've had at least 7 days of it in a row with no sun.

we don't use umbrellas, because those are for wimps and tourists.

and besides, we've got hoods on our waterproof breathable goretex jackets from our favourite outdoor outfitter.

but we do use it as an excuse to stay inside (soccer players excluded), which means non-soccer playing vancouverites don't get out all that much in winter.

we don't, for example, go for walks in the rain. or jog, or have picnics, or go outside to take pictures of it. and yet i've heard people from other cities that are slightly less waterclogged say that they love taking pictures in the rain. so i'm going to have to give it a try one of these days. but not today, because it's raining.


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