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In my new place, I don't want clutter.

I tell myself that I don't mind mess, that it doesn't bug me so therefore why bother not being messy, why bother cleaning it up, but it's really not true. I don't like clutter.

I want to get rid of all the stuff I don't need and go minimalist.

I want to be able to take pictures in my place without having to search out a spot that's free of clutter. I want enough space on my floor to be able to work out and to dance and to juggle.

I'm not a big buyer - not a big consumer - but I am a packrat, meaning I've collected so much shit that I don't need, and that I haven't given away.

But it's my duty to myself to get rid of the clutter, because I don't like it. Being messy is laziness, and it hurts me.

But this would be an extremely radical change for me. I have never been clean and tidy. I think the first step might be to confine the clutter to one area, and then I'd grow fond of the unclutteredness of the other spaces. We'll see.


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