because the world needs more lime green.


I have replaced my stupid text-based online game with deviantArt. There's a lot of stunning photography on dA (which is the aspect of it that I'm interested in) but there's also a lot of angsty emo artwork and poetry.

Let's find some examples!

A quick search for sorrow returns five pieces of artwork featuring people crying. Three of these are close ups of their eyes. A high percentage of the work on dA is closeups of eyes. Yes, eyes are pretty. Yes, close-ups of eyes are cool. But it's been done, alright?

Others feature blood or bad overdone goth make-up. and then there's the fan art. Wouldn't it be a slightly better display of your creativity to make your own character rather than seeing how well you can duplicate someone else's? Hell, I can't draw for shit, but even I can use tracing paper.

"fulfill your nightmares", "horror has a face", "screaming bloody murder" (this one is a face shot with the contrast boosted too high and the entire thing tinted red).

dA is great, but it's a pain in the ass sifting the quality from the shit.


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