because the world needs more lime green.


a few things that turn me away from a site or blog, no questions asked:

embedded music
flashy things (no, i'm not epileptic, but this isn't 1999)
scroll bars (beyond one normal scroll bar at the right side of the page)

sometimes when bored i browse through blogger using the next blog thing, and soooo many of the sites use little iframes or whatever with scroll bars - all over the page! i don't even read them, just carry on to the next page. and then they like to tell me that my browser is not Win32 compatible. oh i'm so heartbroken.

i applied to uvic. they're going to hate me, i have so many questions for them. first, there's the question of transferring courses, from both langara and u of a. and i've heard that uvic is pretty bad about transfer credit, so i might have to fight them a bit. then, there's co-op. i'd like to do it, but the timing might be odd because of the courses i've already done. then, there's the actual program. bc has an association of professional engineers and geologists (APEG) that you have to be a member of to do certain work in bc. there's the regular geologist designation as well as environmental geoscientist. environmental geoscientist sounds most interesting right now. there's a list of courses required for that designation on the apeg website as well as a page on the bc transfer website giving specifics of what courses to take at different institutions, including uvic. but the uvic website only discusses the geologist designation, and there is no mention whatsoever about the environmental geoscientist thing.

sound complicated?

yeah i'm looking forward to getting this all sorted out.


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