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i cannot live here anymore.

okay, the situation:

moved out to go to university in edmonton at 16, lived there for two years (on my own and with roommates)

returned to vancouver in mid october of 2003, moved back in with my mom. i was away at umpire school for all of january and she went to cuba for three weeks in february, but october - december was tough, so i got my own place and moved out in march 2004, when she got back

she went to cuba again, planning to stay for two months, in dec 2004. i moved back "home" in december to housesit for her. she ended up coming back two weeks early, mid january.

and now, already, i can't stand this anymore. we're both accustomed to living on our own so we're having a lot of trouble coexisting. she made a big deal about one incident - going so far as to say she could never trust me again because of this one thing, and she didn't say that immediately afterward while tempers were high, she said it two days later.

so what happened? she had a friend of hers over and asked me in advance if i could make dinner. i reluctantly agreed, because i don't trust my cooking skills as everything i make is experimental. when the day came, i wasn't hungry when she asked me if i would make something. i asked her friend if she was hungry, and she said no. my mom was hungry, but there were leftovers from the night before in the fridge that she could warm up easily. so i didn't make dinner. i was nervous about my cooking anyway and i think my mom had done something the day before to piss me off and i wasn't hungry and her friend said she wasn't hungry. and there were leftovers. so okay, i fell back on my word. but isn't saying she can never trust me again just a little bit of an overreaction?


and then she brought up the issue of rent. she wanted me to pay rent while she was in cuba and i was housesitting - i refused. you're supposed to pay people to housesit, not the other way around, right? she was planning to move to victoria soon after she got back, so we agreed that if she moved to victoria while i was still living here, i would pay her rent. that was it. and now she's saying i should pay her rent. why would i possibly pay rent to live here when i could pay rent to live anywhere else where i would be way happier?

so i have to get out of here. but it's february, and i'm planning to move to victoria in may. so wherever i moved to, i'd only be there for 2-2.5 months. seems silly to me, but it seems like it might be necessary :/


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