because the world needs more lime green.


you know those little one liners that seem so deep and profound and perfect?

i wish i could write those.

they're in a lot of the books i read. douglas coupland, chuck palahniuk (shampoo planet and fight club, respectively, being the best examples i can think of). not kingsolver so much but there's still some very keen insight in her books. books aren't about plot, they're about those little one liners.

Interesting article from Wired. Revenge of the right brain! the premise is that a lot of left brain jobs (accounting, computer programming, etc) can be outsourced, is being outsourced, and will continue to be outsourced, while right brain jobs that rely on creativity and a sense of the big picture will not. interesting idea, and it does kind of ring true until you wonder why the right brain jobs can't be outsourced too. is the article implying that people from India and China can't be creative? yeah, there's certainly some right brain type that deals with actual human interaction that couldn't be (well, it couldn't be as long as people prefer talking to white people instead of anyone else) but a lot of design and what not is just as outsourceable as any left brain job.

i wasn't sure how to spell outsourceable - if it's that or outsourcable, so i googled them. the first came up with 996, the second with 622. i guess it's not a word. whoda thunk it, eh? i'll stick with outsourceable because the other looks like out sour cable.


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